What We Do:

Involvement on building telecommunication network  for the leading operators in Tanzania, Via selected leading vendor’s equipment  such as Huawei, Nokia, ericson, Motorola, Stratex, ECI, Ceragon, Alcatel, Radwin, ligowave,  Optical fiber. etc

Project case Engineering Services for the following technology range:-

  • Wimax and LTE TDD Installation, For Both Cooperate users and Home users
  • Microwave unlicensed Installation for Broadband wireless radios system
  • Microwave licensed installation for Longhaul/ Backbone
  • Other Engineering services, technologies ranging from GSM900/DCS1800, GPRS, WCDMA,HSDPA, UMTS, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Fiber Optic
  • Fiber Optic Engineering, from supply and Deployment of O/H and UG network/ Longhaul/Backbone/ Metro/ FTTH/FTTB

The scope of these projects has covered network roll-outs, expansions, Technology Swap and upgrades.


Summary Experience from  executed project range:

– MW Links TX multiple configuration Over 500 Links, Combination of Backbone, Roll-outs, Swap, capacity upgrade across country

– MW Links TX Enterprise links Over 450 links across country

– Wimax and LTE TDD Enterprise Links Over 850 links across county , new subscribes  and upgrade

– RF works from multiple band, Dual/ Tri- Band. GSM900,DCS1800,WCDMA, Over 40 Sites

– Tower Collocation Works, Over 60 sites

-Tower Consolidation Works, Over 20 Sites

– Data offloading Works via WiFi Hotspot , Over 20 sites

– Network Audit Multi technology, MW, Wimax, LTE TDD, over 800 Sites

– Network Audit Optical Fiber , Over 50 Routes

– General Complete site Survey both Passive and Active parts, over 500 sites


Manage Service  for the following technology range:-

  • Managing over 320 Cooperate Clients, Connected with LTE TDD Technology across country
  • Managing and provide surveillance over 2000 km multi route across the country
  • Multi technology network audit and optimization


Who are our clients:

  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Telecommunication Passive Infrastructure owner
  • National Utility owner
  • Road Agency / Contractors
  • Other SMEs from Private and non private sectors